Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleepy Head

Sammy calls Goldfish "Hishshshies," and he knows that I always have them in my bag. At home if he wants a snack I'll often see him digging through my diaper bag looking for them. And when we're out on an errand and he gets peckish he says, "Hishshsh,', mo,'" and reaches out with his soft pudgy little hand. Oh, I just love everything he does!
Couldn't you just eat him up!!!!!


Davis Family said...

Sure they're not the new Goldfish with Benedryl centers?

Amy Breeden said...

Sarah, you're so funny! You should think about patenting that!

Bertie said...

You are blogging!!! YEAH!!! I'm so excited:) Your kids are the adorablest!!:) We can't wait to come to Texas soon for a whole month:)