Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Curly Head

Here's my beautiful Sammy on a hot, humid, sweaty, chalky, sandy, summer afternoon.

Most people hate the humidity in Houston, but I LOVE it! It feels nourishing and comforting to me. But the thing that I love the most about it right now is, what it does to Sammy's hair.

Isn't it just adorable!!


Davis Family said...

Seriously?! You love the humidity? I can't be in agreement with you on that, but I do agree about his curls being sooo cute! And he was killin' me in Sac. Mtg. Sunday.

Montierth Family said...

I'm like you, I miss that humidity like crazy. The curls are darling and best of all, I'm sure they hide poor haircutting skills that unfortunately my son has to wear for the world to see!