Thursday, June 19, 2008


Wow! It's Amy here. This is my first time to blog! My sister Bertie who is a blogger extraordinaire has been nagging me endlessly about doing this, as have a few other loving people, so here I go! Hopefully I'll become converted and start to do it more a couple times a month or so.

Well, here is our announcement! We're expecting baby number two! We are so so so thrilled. I've been wanting another baby since Clementine was born, and Brett can't wait either. The due date is Nov. 16th, but we'll probably have the baby a little earlier because the ob-gyn I'm seeing insists on delivering C-section babies a week early. We'll have an ultra sound on July 2nd to see if it's going to be a boy or a girl. I LOVE ultra sounds. I can't wait! I don't care which one we get...boy or girl, and Brett doesn't care too much either, but the rest of the family on both sides really seems to be rooting for a boy.

Here's a little picture from the ultra sound they did a little over a month ago. So exciting!!!