Sunday, October 03, 2010

The County Fair

This year we went to the Fort Bend County Fair for the first time.
It was just right for our kids. It wasn't too crowded or too big, and the weather was gorgeous.

Minnie's favorite things were the pink cotton candy, the giant slides, and the big obstacle course for kids.

Sammy's favorite things were the giant cows, the bumper cars, and the bubble guns. He could have run around chasing bubbles the whole time.

Amy's favorite thing was watching her kids have such a good time and this little exchange:

Amy: Wow, look at that goat Minnie. Isn't he pretty?
Minnie: Yeah! And look at all of his chocolate chips!
The highlight for Brett was taking Sammy through the mirror maze in the Fun House. Watch this video to the very end. The sound goes out for a minute, but it comes back. The part that cracks us up the most is how Sammy dives for his car when he drops it. The child loves his cars!!

Good times!