Friday, July 02, 2010

Learn Something New

every day. That's what they say right? I don't do terribly well at that, but the other day, Brett taught me a new saying! I think it's so cute. He was watching a World Cup match and he said, "Now that guy is going to do a hat trick!"
I said, "A what?"
Do you know what a hat trick is?
It's when one player gets three scores in a row. Cool, huh? Apparantly this term is widely used in soccer and hockey, but it can apply to any kind of score or win that one player gets three in a row.
Later that same night I taught Brett something new. We were talking about an old friend--as in long time friend, and I described him as being a 'gold friend.' Brett said, "A what?"
Can you believe that in his 32 years of life he had never heard the song
"Make new friends, but the keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold?"
I was astounded. But then again he was shocked that I didn't know what a hat trick was.
It's fun to learn new things!