Monday, February 18, 2008

Minnie's Walking!!!

First of all, the big news from the Breeden Bunch is that our little Clementine is walking. She really started a few weeks ago, and I even cut together a video a couple weeks back and posted it on YouTube, but I failed to post anything here. Anyway, it's below for your viewing pleasure. It doesn't show her very first steps, but she only started to really walk 2 days before we took this video. The cowgirl outfit it courtesy of Aunt Lisa.
As for us, I'm working up in Fort Worth (living in a hotel for now) doing doing Oil and Gas work. Amy and Minnie are still living with her parents while we try to find a place to live up here (should we buy, should we rent, apartment or house?). The long distance thing is tough, but I see them every weekend and we invested in webcams.
Anyway, enjoy the video below.