Friday, December 04, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Six Month Update. What, You Expected More?

Wow, funny how six months just fly. In all fairness, a baby tends to take up large amounts of time. Whether that's enough of an excuse to justify my neglect of this blog is up for debate. Sam has, of course, grown. A lot. He's a big boy. Not terribly chubby, but he's built solid and has long arms and legs. He's sitting up and has been on the cusp of crawling for about a month now. He can get up on his hands and knees and rock, and somehow moves backward, but can't seem to move forward.

Minnie is growing into the cutest little girl. Ever. I know, she's my daughter so I must be biased, but I'm telling you, she's cute. She's a talker. Some of her favorite subjects include (1) the fact that mommy, grandma and grandpa all love to eat lobster and that "They're delicious;" (2) The fact that she now is, is currently turning into, or someday when she grows up will be a mermaid; (3) the fact that today is her, my, or your birthday, regardless of the date; (4) the fact that she is too little to do what you are asking her to do, especially if she is not, in fact, too little (such as, "Minnie, you need to stop crying." "No Daddy, I'm too little.") (5) the fact that she will someday get married in the temple (variations on this subject include needing to marry me, baby Sam or her tiny plastic dalmation toy).
Anyway, so that's where we are in a nutshell. More to come...