Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike Update...

Just a quick note. Hurricane Ike has now come and gone. Amy's parent's home (where we're still living for now) didn't sustain any major damage. They lost a few fences that were pretty old, but otherwise, mostly leaves and small branches. Minnie started getting sick on Thursday night, starting with some vomiting and then a fever. So we had a couple of really rough nights with Minnie running a fever of over 103 and the wind and rain making all kinds of noise. Her fever finally broke this morning. Luckily, Amy's parents bought a generator this fall so we've had fans, fridges, and occasionally the TV and computer on which has kept things sane. The power is still out, and as they were reporting that most people in Houston had their power out, it could be days (or even weeks).
We were supposed to close on a house on Sept 23rd and I drove by it yesterday to see if there was any damage, and besides a few shingles and damage to a gutter, the house is OK. Sadly, we lost the largest tree in the front yard (it fell on the neighbors house). It was some sort of oak, so we were bummed to lose it. Hopefully, the current owner will get things fixed and we'll still be able to close on the 23rd or soon thereafter.
We'll let you know as things progress.