Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beep Beep

My little Sammy boy really really REALLY loves cars--or 'eee-ee' as he calls them.
That's Sammy Speak for "beep beep."
He thinks and talks about them all day long.
It can be tough to pry his little cars from his fingers.
The other night when I was putting him down for bed,
he was driving his car back and forth across the pages as we read his favorite book.
And his first uttered phrase (that I caught on to at least) was inspired by one of his favorite movies, and of course, a car. Minnie and Sammy really love The Iron Giant. There's a part where the giant throws a car over a forest.
Sammy loves this part, and here's how he retells it:
Sammy's own words:"Bobot, eee-eee, WHOAH!"
Translated by Mom: "Robot, beep beep, Whoah!"
And further translated, "That robot threw the car into the sky! It was amazing!"
He'll bring it up sometimes randomly, like at the dinner table. It is so fun to see his personality, tastes, and enthusiasm developing! And I just find it thrilling to see him start to understand how language works, and to hear him making his own phrases. So fun!

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