Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer at the Beach

We recently got back from our annual stay on the Texas coast.
It was heaven on earth.
Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins GALORE at our fingertips for a whole week!
We did lots of of our favorite things like:

Getting lovies from our aunties

Sailing with Grandpa


and Flying kites with Daddy

While the Texas coast may not have the most picturesque of beaches, it is the most kid friendly that I've ever visited--warm water, soft sand, gentle waves...We love our beach and we look forward to it all year long.
Until next time!


Christie said...

Ahh...that was a cute post. I'm glad you finally updated your blog. That was a super fun trip, as long as we're all together they always are.

Montierth Family said...

Beaches are seriously the BEST vacations ever! It's so good to see pictures on your blog of everyone. Funny to think how time passes by.

The Roberts' Report said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach. It brings back so many wonderful memories for me. I wish I could live there!!

Cecilia said...

I'm jealous. We didn't go this year.

Bertie said...

It was sooo much fun! I didn't even get any pictures--- I'll have to take some next time! WE miss ya'll:)